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Restaurant gas blast victims treated in hospital

(Global Times)

10:09, November 27, 2012

People injured in an explosion at a hot pot restaurant in Shouyang, Shanxi Province that killed 14 dinners are receiving treatment for burns and inhalation of toxic fumes, said a medical worker at a local hospital.

A nurse surnamed Kang at the Taiyuan 264 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army told the Global Times Monday that 12 of the 35 injured who had been transferred to her hospital and are receiving treatment for a number of injuries.

"It's hard to see how severely they are injured. They are being treated for burns and they also suffered damage from inhaling toxic gas," said Kang.

The explosion happened at 7:52 pm Friday, during the busy dinner hour, at the Xiyangyang (Happy Lamb) Hot Pot Restaurant. Forty-seven people were injured.

The county government held a press conference Saturday afternoon and it also released an update Sunday morning.

The county government said of the 47 injured, 11 were in serious condition. They were transferred to the Taiyuan 264 Hospital, Taiyuan No.2 People's Hospital and General Hospital of Taiyuan Iron & Steel.

An initial investigation showed that a gas leak is the likely cause of the blast. The county government has ordered restaurants using gas tanks to cease operations and carry out a comprehensive safety inspection of their gas tanks.

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