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Military innovation improves China’s self-confidence (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:59, November 27, 2012

However, certain countries have been holding a hostile and precautionary attitude toward China, continuing to fabricate the so-called “military spies” and “technical plagiarism” and spreading negative news to increase technical blockade and control on China and hinder China’s development in advanced military technology.

Nowadays, as the information exchanges and connections with foreign countries are increasing, the military mutual trust between China and other countries is enhancing and military exchanges and cooperation have made positive results.

At the same time, we should see clearly that some of the world’s major military powers will go further on the suspicion, prevention and blockade of China’s military technology to consolidate their status in the field of key military technology. The development of China’s military technology must rely on independently scientific and technological innovation.

Every time China pushes forward the construction of national defense and military modernization, the People’s Liberation Army will increase the self-confidence in coping with challenges and curbing wars, and the ability of safeguarding world peace and security by peaceful means.

Read the Chinese version: 军事创新提升中国自信, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Zhou Yong

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