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MND: It is expected to remain unbiased towards China's national defense and military modernization drive

(China Military Online)

08:41, December 04, 2012

When answering a reporter's question at the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on November 29, 2012, Geng Yansheng, director of the Information Office and spokesman of the MND, said that it is expected not to over-interpret China's legitimate and rational national defense and military modernization drive.

After successful landing of the J-15 carrier-borne fighter on China's "Liaoning" aircraft carrier, some foreign media hold that China will more showcase its muscles in disputes concerning its territorial and maritime rights and interests, and will take a tougher stance in its foreign policy.

In reply to this doubt, Geng Yansheng said that China's aircraft carrier development and construction, which is neither aiming at any other country nor engaging in an arms race with other countries, is determined according to its national economic and social development situation as well as the practical requirements of its national defense and army building. It is expected to remain unbiased and not to over-interpret China's legitimate and rational national defense and military modernization drive.

In view of some countries' doubts about China's military transparency, Geng Yansheng pointed out that the Chinese media publicized at the first time the news about the takeoff and landing training of the J-15 fighter. In addition, the radio, television, newspapers and network fully reported and commented the training.

"I would like to ask, is that not transparent in the report we have done about the takeoff and landing training of the J-15 fighter?" Geng Yansheng responded by asking.

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