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Thankful words given by "Sunshine Project" entrepreneurs towards drug addicts

(People's Daily Online)

17:03, January 06, 2013

Jiang Shaoying: 500 drug users have been rehabilitated during the past 6 years

(Ethnic Han, born on March 28, 1967, a native of Dujun City, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture, manager of Dushan Runyang Sporting Goods Limited Co., Ltd. and director of "Sunshine Products Processing Plants". She puts aside the ideology that "drug addicts are unmanageable", and takes initiative to reduce the burden of the government and the society. In early 2006, supported by Dujun Municipal Government, Jiang Shaoying established "Loving Baseball Factory" (the predecessor of "Sunshine Products Processing Plants"), and worked as the factory director. During the past six years, she has provided job placement for 513 drug addicts, and 120 of which have returned to the society and embarked on new jobs after passing rehabilitation work and educational training in the baseball factory. At present, the employees in the factory can receive monthly pay of 800-1300 Yuan under normal work routine.)

Thankful words

As an enterprise, it's our responsibility to take initiatives to response to the municipal government and to make efforts to the narcotics control work by establishing Dujun Sunshine Processing Plant. As the director of Sunshine Product Processing Plant, I feel particularly honored to participate in the provincial "Sunshine Project". I feel extremely gratified to see more than 500 drug users get rehabilitated through the manual labor in the Sunshine Plant in the past 6 years. In the future, we'll work under the leadership of party committees and governments at all levels to make Junyang Sunshine Product Processing Plant much bigger and stronger, and to make greater contribution to keep the public security and social order in stable .

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