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Foreign visitors enjoy visa-free entry in 72 hours

(People's Daily Online)

08:04, January 06, 2013


Beijing and Shanghai has begun to implement the three-day transit visa-free policy for visitors of 45 countries on Tuesday.

According to statistics of the frontier inspection station of Shanghai airports, a total of 42 foreign visitors had enjoyed visa-free entry at two Shanghai airports during the New Year holidays from Jan. 1 to Jan. 3, with 40 foreign visitors at Pudong Airport and two at Hongqiao Airport.

Mr. and Mrs. Southall from England were the first two foreigners enjoying the 72-hour transit visa-free policy at Hongqiao Airport on Jan. 1.

The reporter found that many foreign travelers did not know about the transit visa-free policy, but they were very interested when being told that they can have a 72-hour visa-free stay when entering China from Shanghai.

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