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Forecast for global issues in 2013

(People's Daily Online)

08:24, January 06, 2013

File photo (People's Daily Online)

The world will continue to face both hopes and challenges in 2013. Which issues are most likely to see significant changes in 2013? What influence will the changes bring?

Will the regime of Bashar al-Assad be overthrown?

Origin: The conflict between Syrian government and anti-government armed force has resulted in tens of thousands of people losing their lives. At present, both sides end in a deadlock, but the anti-government armed force is on the rise with the support of some Western and Arabian countries. In addition, some Syrian government and military officials tergiversated one after another and a lot of people became refugees due to shortage of goods and materials and aggravated inflation. All the reasons may lead to the downfall of the current Syrian regime in 2013.

Consequence: Once the current Syrian regime is subverted, it will be difficult for the country to stabilize quickly. Instead, such problems as the conflicts between parties and religious sects, acts of terrorism, economic stagnation and refugees will drag Syria to turbulent situation and bring negative influence to its neighboring countries, meanwhile triggering sharper geopolitical struggles.

Prospect: Although the current Syrian government is faced with the danger of being subverted, the international community still makes mediation efforts.

Read the Chinese version: 2013年世界可能发生哪些事, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

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