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Thankful Words from the Community-Based Anti-Drug Cadres in Guizhou Province Regarding the “Sunshine Project”

(People's Daily Online)

17:07, January 06, 2013

Li Meng: Please provide us with professional support

Li Meng is a volunteer in the “Sunshine Project”. She has participated in the non-statutory compulsory drug treatment in Huaxi District, Guiyang City since the end of 2008, and became a consultant on addiction formation. She is also an independent consultant trainer, psychological consultant, and psychological supervisor.

Thankful words

If you are willing to support our cause of psychological aid and adjuvant therapy, please provide us with professional support so as to devote more care to those who are trying to get rid of the painful psychological dependence on drugs.

Li Jing: Find happiness in the dedication to work

(A community policeman at Huanghe Road Police Station, Xiaoge Branch, Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Li Ming has been devoted to the police work in Pujiang Neighborhood Committee since January 2005. To meet work requirements, he took the initiative to learn anti-drug laws, regulations, and actively study the relevant national policies, insisted on repeatedly visiting households to communicate with drug addicts and their parents, and gained the trust and understanding of the drug addicts and their families in the area. He set up working files for drug addicts so that the admonition rate, profile archiving rate, information collection rate, and urine test rate of the drug addicts in the area all reached up to 100 percent. So far, Pujiang Community has realized minimum living allowance for two drug addicts and provided employment for 40, raising the employment to 90 percent. Among these, 28 drug addicts successfully kicked the drug habits, returned to society, became self-reliant citizens. Through Li Ming’s tireless efforts, Pujiang Community has been free from newly bred drug addict or synthetic drug user in the past few years.)

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