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Three questions on running a yellow light

(People's Daily Online)

07:52, January 07, 2013

Question 1: Is the yellow light necessary if running both yellow lights and red lights will be punished?

An official with the Ministry of Public Security said that the yellow light plays a role of traffic buffer but many drivers deem it the "prompting light for acceleration." Running a yellow light might save a few seconds, but it may cause a car crash.

According to the traffic police department of Guangzhou, the yellow light can provide a grace period between green and red lights to clear the road and make room for next vehicles. "If we all cross the stop line in yellow light time, the road is impossible to be cleared away."

Question 2: Will punishing drivers running yellow light cause rear-end accidents?

The official with the Ministry of Public Security said that vehicles should slow down and give way when reaching an intersection or a crosswalk. Most of rear-end accidents are resulted from traffic offences without fulfilling the above obligations.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the running speed of vehicles is no more than 30 kilometers per hour at the intersection, rear-end accidents can be avoided if drivers focus on keeping a safe distance with the front vehicle and slow down at the intersection.

Question 3: Should the signal countdown device be popularized?

The official with the Ministry of Public Security said that the signal countdown device should be installed according to the local level of economic development, the number of motor vehicles and traffic flow.

Professor at the Law School of Nanjing University Qiu Lufeng said that it is well-qualified to install the green and red signal countdown device from a technical point of view, but there will be too much public investment in reinstalling the traffic light and this will cause traffic disturbance in a period of time.

Read the Chinese version: 释疑“抢黄灯”四大问号, source: People's Daily

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