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Sunshine Enlightens the Way to Returnn - People’s Daily & People’s Daily Online’s access to "Sunshine Project” of Guizhou

(People's Daily Online)

18:29, January 05, 2013

Return to hometown.

By Su Xianlong, Huang Xian, Yang Fei, People’s Daily and People’s Daily Online June 26, 2012

In recent years, Guizhou has made deepening community-based drug treatment & rehabilitation a key breakthrough to fundamentally reverse the drug trafficking and abuse there as ensuring intensified leadership, institutional support and available funds. As taking offering jobs to the rehabilitated drug users as a major carrier and an approach in creating effective administration models, it has built a new path with “government-led, enterprises-run and market-oriented” features and established a new mode of recovery by integrating “physical detoxification, psychosomatic recovery, job placement and social inclusion”. So far, there are totally 93 enterprises have participated in the project, and 51 “Sunshine Enterprises” and “Sunshine Homes” have been completed, providing 2,195 jobs to the rehabilitated in a manner of concentrated arrangement.

Job – a gift for rebirth

A vast amount of packing containers, big or small, are piled up in this 700㎡ plant.
Tens of workers are working orderly beside the production lines, positioning, edge covering, wrapping, assembling, packing…

You will never suppose it is a place specialized to accommodate recovered drug users if you don’t notice those slogans on the wall, saying “the self-made will never surrender”…

President of this plant – Guiyang Wudang Sunshine Tianyu Henghui Packaging Company (“Henghui”) is Liu Bo who is almost 50 years old. He has opened two plants in total, for the same purpose, with 53 posted having been provided.

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