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Tongren City: Valiantly Walk into the Future with "Sunshine Project"

(People's Daily Online)

20:18, January 04, 2013

In accordance with the overall arrangement of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the party committee and the people’s government of Tongren City attached great importance to the construction of the “Sunshine Project” and incorporated the work into the comprehensive plan and deployment of economic and social development and social security, gathered resources, strengthened measures, and actively explored the new approaches for anti-drug social administration in accordance with the local actuality, exerted all efforts to establish a “four-in-one” community-based drug rehabilitation mode that integrates “physiological detoxification, psychological recovery, job placement, and social inclusion” centered on “job placement” and carried by “Sunshine Enterprises”, and truly formed a work pattern with the guidance of the party committee and the government, policy supports, participation of enterprises, and collaboration of the entire society.

The party and the government attached great importance to the project; departments at all levels acted in linkage for its implementation

The party committee and government at all levels in various cities and counties (districts) truly regarded the construction of the “Sunshine Project” as a project for the people’s livelihood, a project in conformity with the people’s mind, and a project for benevolent administration, attached great importance, strengthened leadership, established a leadership team head by the principal in the government and membered by persons in charge of the financial, public security, civil affairs, human resources, and social security departments. The primary leaders in the city and county party committee and government personnel led the research, investigation, and guidance works; the specific leaders took responsibility for the concrete organization and advancement of the project. Xia Fengqing, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, and director of Municipal Narcotics Control Commission made importance instructions for the construction of the “Sunshine Project” for multiple times, and wrote a letter in his own name to the head of various counties (districts) to require them attach great importance, break down the measures, strengthen the implementation, and forcefully promote the completion of the construction of the “Sunshine Project”. Yang Dehua, member of the Standing Committee, deputy Mayor, and deputy director of the Municipal Narcotics Control Commission presided over thematic meetings concerning the “Sunshine Project” for more than once to research and deploy the organization, implementation, policy support, and advancement measures of the relevant construction works. Zhang Tao, member of the Standing Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Commission, chief of the Public Security Bureau, and deputy director of the Municipal Narcotics Control Commission frequently listened to relevant work reports, carried out research, investigation, and guidance, and coordinated the settlement of relevant problems. Zhang Tao repeatedly visited the construction site of the renovation and expansion project of “Sunshine Project” enterprises, gained detail understanding about the site selection, mapping, land measurement, and a series of preliminary preparation works, required that the “Sunshine Project” must be regarded as a major event that will benefit generations to come and as the concrete practice for innovations in social administration; required that party committee and government at all levels and all relevant departments must give adequate support for the enterprises and help them overcome difficulties; at the same time, he required to enhance the sense of responsibility and social awareness and strengthen the “Sunshine Project” enterprises in scale and competitiveness, to effectively fulfill their obligations for the society. He also organized the relevant personnel from Bijiang District Narcotics Control Commission to go deep into the drug detoxification sites to publicize the construction of the “Sunshine Project” and explain the series of preferential and supportive policies and guarantee measures in respects of the living conditions, employment, and medical care of the placement persons, and encourage the vast staff members at the drug detoxification sites to participate in the construction of the project. Principals in the party committee and government of various districts and counties personally led the research, investigation, and coordination works, and basically formed a work pattern with the cohesion and linked efforts of major leaders at all levels for collaborative and joint management.

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