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Greater courage needed to build China a country under rule of law

(People's Daily Online)

08:05, January 11, 2013

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The governmental departments and the public have reached a consensus on issues including reforms of the reeducation through labor, the petition letters and visits related to complaints and lawsuits, the use of judicial powers and the household registration system after discussing many times. Now, the most important thing is to take action.

The contents of reforms are in highly keeping with the aspiration of the public. The 18th CPC National Congress proposed to seize the opportunity and use greater political courage and wisdom to deepen the reforms in important areas. Each of the four focuses of reforms set at the national conference on political and legal work is a hard nut, but it is also a breakthrough in doing practical things.

Firstly, the reeducation through labor has not yet been included in the criminal proceedings system, so it is often used by some government officials to revenge on people who make a complaint about them. The case of Tang Hui that happened in Yongzhou of Hunan province in 2012 pushed the abolition of the system of reeducation through labor to the teeth of the storm. Therefore, listing the system of reeducation through labor in the law is just a reflection of the legalization of national judicial work.

Secondly, the long-standing abuse of household registration system, which exerts negative impacts on education, social security and other issues, caused severance of society. People expect substantial measures to be taken in terms of unifying the urban and rural household registration system to use residence permits to replace the control of domicile, separating it with welfare system, and they can bid farewell to the era of discrimination in different household registers, thus promoting the fairness of public service.

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