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Observe China’s development trend through diplomatic hot words (II)

(People's Daily Online)

08:06, January 09, 2013

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has recently held the eighth Lanting Forum themed "Chinese diplomacy under new situation." People's Daily picked the contents about China's foreign policy, national interests, relations with its neighbors, regional security, relations with the United States and Japan, the situation on the Korean Peninsula and Syrian issue, and interviewed some experts at home and abroad and summed up their points of view to help readers understand the trend of China's foreign policy after the 18th CPC National Congress and when marching into 2013.

Dispel mutual distrust

Conflicts and wars are not the fate of China-U.S. relations

Conflicts and wars are not the fate of China-U.S. relations. It is a groundbreaking cause to construct a new bilateral relationship of mutual respect and win-win cooperation between China and the United States, which will benefit both sides and even the whole world.

China and the United States should understand the trend of win-win cooperation, adhere to the principle of seeking common points while reserving differences, take pragmatic attitude and truly respect the core interests of each other. They should communicate with each other in depth, vigorously develop pragmatic cooperation, strengthen dialogues in the Asia-Pacific region and eliminate mutual distrust to look for new solutions to old questions.

The interests of the United States are closely bound up with China in Asia-Pacific, so the region should not be an arena of competition, but a stage of mutually beneficial cooperation. China respects the legitimate interests of the United States in Asia-Pacific and welcomes it to play a constructive role in the region, while the United States also should respect the interests and concerns of China and hold an objective and fair stance to the regional differences and frictions. Both sides should strengthen sincere communication, enhance mutual understanding and consensus, steadily push forward the trilateral and multilateral cooperation and make efforts to make dialogues and cooperation greater than frictions and differences.

Handle differences duly

China does not stir up trouble and never be timid in the face of troubles

China hopes that the China-Japan relations can be improved based on the four political documents and the spirit of taking history as a mirror and facing up to future, and the new Japanese government can pursue a positive policy on China to properly handle the differences and problems and improve the China-Japan relations with concrete actions.

Chinese government and people will unswervingly defend the national sovereignty and territory and Chinese ships will continue to carry out routine patrol in waters of the Diaoyu Islands. China hopes to have a stable and peaceful surrounding environment. It will not stir up trouble but never be timid in the face of troubles. Therefore, both sides should properly solve the differences through dialogues and consultations.

China hopes that the new Japanese government can face up to history and reality, make the right judgment and pay earnest efforts to overcome the difficulties and drag the bilateral relations to normal track of development.

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