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China mourns deceased U.S. senator

(People's Daily Online)

08:23, December 20, 2012

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a press conference on December 19, 2012. (Photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

BEIJING, Dec. 19 (People's Daily Online) -- A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Wednesday expressed China's condolences for the death of Daniel Inouye,former president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying also extended sympathy toward Inouye's family, saying Inouye always supported the development of Sino-U.S. relations,especially the expansion of exchanges between the two countries' legislative bodies.

Inouye, a Democrat, died Monday from respiratory illness, ending a 50-year career in the U.S. Senate. As the president pro tempore, he was third in line for the presidency after the vice president and speaker of the House.

Hua extended congratulations to Patrick Leahy, Inouye's successor, on his new position.

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