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Greater courage needed to build China a country under rule of law (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:05, January 11, 2013

Thirdly, petition letters and visits refer to a channel for the officials to keep close contact with the masses. However, petition letters and visits involving complaints and lawsuits cannot be handled as normal ones. Only when the judicial decision is more effective than instructions of the leaders, will the public not present petition letters and appeal the higher authorities for help. The judicial independence must be guaranteed, so that the country can be ruled by law.

Fourthly, the reforms and deepening of judicial power and system will optimize the judicial rights allocation, strengthen supervision and administration, ensure the independent execution of judicial and procuratorial power and combine fighting crimes with protection of human rights. It will integrally implement the new criminal procedure law to put an end to the extortion of a confession by torturing and effectively solve the problem of hard filing of a case, preventing from magnification of the so-called sensitive cases involving environmental conflicts, demolition and people suing the officials and making administration of justice the final solution of conflicts. Only when the administration of justice is authoritative, it can assume corresponding social responsibilities.

It needs the spirit of cracking a hard nut to build China into a country ruled by law rather than neglect the reforms due to involving complicated interests and heavy resistance. The government departments and the public have reached a consensus about the reforms. Now, the most important is to take action. The government is expected to take action as soon as possible and announce the timetable to make the public truly feel fairness and justice. Only in this way can the wish of ruling China by law be realized, and the public will also have faith in the law.

Read the Chinese version: 建“法治中国”就要敢啃“硬骨头”, source: Beijing News

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