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China is more promising after Party Congress

(People's Daily Online)

08:00, January 10, 2013

Some young overseas Chinese businessmen asked me which country they should invest in. The answer is simple: investing in China.

When the financial turmoil swept over Asia in 1997, many foreign and Chinese enterprises withdrew from the region and people sold their houses. I reconstructed my old house into an eight-story building and gave two-story to each of my two sons. My youngest son even gave up the U.S. green card and resumed the identity as a permanent resident of Hong Kong. I was confident in the economic trend of Hong Kong after it returned to China.

Facts proved that I was right. China had not only successfully led Asian countries to overcome the financial turmoil but also made remarkable achievements, becoming the world's second largest economy. Its growth rate of GDP has been ranking in the forefront of the world.

We do not invest in China just because it has bright economic prospects. Most importantly, our roots are on this land.

We are optimistic about China after the 18th CPC National Congress because Chinese people are the wisest and the Communist Party of China is the ruling party good at summing up experiences.

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