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CPC report to guide future development of int'l relations

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, November 30, 2012

Hu Jintao’s report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has provided a clear and profound answer to questions about China’s principles, role, and goals in international relations.

The report noted that China calls for equality and mutual trust, inclusiveness and mutual learning, and win-win cooperation in international relations. These principles have shown China’s will to work together with other peace-loving countries to push the international order and system toward greater fairness and reasonableness.

Only by upholding equality and mutual trust will world peace and stability have a solid foundation. Facts prove that power politics tend to encounter considerable resistance, and conflict often results from misgivings. International injustices will gradually die out, the misunderstandings between certain countries will be cleared up, and world peace and stability will have a more solid foundation if all countries treat each other as equals and constantly build up mutual trust.

Only by promoting inclusiveness and mutual learning will the human civilization achieve sustainable development. Diversity of civilizations is an invaluable resource and driving force behind the sustainable development of the human civilization. There are no such things as inferior nations or cultures. Every country has the right to choose the social system and development path according to its own will. The global financial crisis has once again proved that there is no omnipotent or unchanging development path in the world. Different civilizations should coexist with one another on the basis of inclusiveness and mutual learning.

Only by promoting win-win cooperation will the common interests of mankind be increased to the maximum extent possible. As globalization further deepens, the interests of all countries have become unprecedentedly interwoven in both breadth and depth. Even the most powerful country cannot escape global challenges. The zero-sum game is a dead end, and only win-win cooperation will lead mankind to new glories.

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