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China's J-15 features strong long-range combat capability

(People's Daily Online)

08:28, November 29, 2012

Shortly after a J-15 fighter jet's landing on China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, Zhang Junshe, deputy director of the country’s Naval Military Studies Research Institute, accepted an interview about the details of the landing.

The successful takeoff and landing of the J-15 is of great significance to China's naval buildup. Zhang considers it to be a clear sign of an increase in the fighting capacity of the aircraft carrier. Well-operating carrier-based aircraft is an important symbol of the fighting capacity of an aircraft carrier, and the commissioning of the Liaoning will greatly increase the Chinese navy's comprehensive fighting capacity, he said.

Zhang said that the J-15 is China's first generation of independently developed carrier-based aircraft. According to U.S. and European standards, it is a third-generation fighter with strong sea-air combat capability and supersonic speeds. It can carry multiple types of long-range anti-ship and air-to-air missiles.

The J-15 has a range of about 3,000 kilometers without refueling, and thus has strong long-range combat capability.

The Liaoning has been mainly used for scientific tests and military training. After the successful takeoff and landing of the carrier-based aircraft, the navy will test other components of the carrier battle group. Scientific tests and military training on the aircraft carrier are mutually complementary and carried out synchronously.

Zhang stressed that with an aircraft carrier, China will make greater contributions to world peace. The Liaoning will undertake humanitarian relief and other tasks in the future because carrier-based aircraft, especially helicopters, can transport relief supplies and medical staff when roads or ports are severely damaged. China's aircraft carrier will be exceptionally useful in maintaining world peace and stability as well as fulfilling international humanitarian obligations.

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