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Who should be blamed for death of abandoned children?

(People's Daily Online)

07:56, January 09, 2013

The tragedy of seven orphans killed in a fire in a private orphanage in Lankao has put the "benevolent mother" Yuan Lihai, the owner of the orphanage, under media bombardment.

Yuan began adopting children abandoned at the door of the county hospital 26 years ago and won wide praise in the county.

Several years ago, the local government urged Yuan to send the abandoned children to the government department according to the provisions of the law of adoption, but the normal adoption procedures failed to be implemented smoothly.

Lankao residents always first think of Yuan when they see an abandoned child.

There is not a child welfare institution in Lankao, so the orphans have to be sent to the welfare house in Kaifeng city.

As the phenomenon of abandoning a baby is common in the less developed regions and the welfare house of Kaifeng has limited capacity of accommodation, the love of Yuan becomes so important to these orphans.

In addition, the procedures of sending and applying for adoption of orphans to the civil affairs department are very cumbersome, but it will be simple and easy to send them to Yuan.

Suffering the anguish of losing her children after the fire disaster, Yuan fell ill in bed with physical and mental breakdown. Her family fell into catastrophe in two days.

Yuan's mother-in-law died in Xingtai of Hebei province and her family went there for funeral. In order to take care of the kids, Yuan did not attend the funeral. However, seven children died in a blaze when she went out. The whole family was embroiled in the bombing of public opinion and media.

Read the Chinese version: 为何是袁厉害来挑这副担子?(兰考弃婴火灾遇难追踪), source: People's Daily

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