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Why the highly educated not popular anymore

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, January 09, 2013

Seek a job (Photo/Xinhua)

Graduating from an elite university as a postgraduate, Wang Lina (alias) thought she can easily find a good job. However, she was turned down by employers because of her post-graduate background.

Wang found that most of the employers only require bachelor's degree. She felt sad and modified her resume, showing the employers that she just got a bachelor's degree.

Reporter visited a number of large job fairs in Wuhan and had a random interview with 35 companies, of which the recruiters of 32 companies said that they won’t consider postgraduates if university graduates are competent to the job.

Ms. Huang who is responsible for recruitment in a real estate company explained that, "There is no need to spend more money to recruit a postgraduate for a job if we can find a university graduate to do it."

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