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Unleash 'China energy' in global governance

(People's Daily Online)

08:00, January 14, 2013

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Since the beginning of the new century, the "global governance" theory proposed by James Rosenau not only caused continued concern in the international academic community, but also was further embodied in the international systems. As an important emerging power, China has the need to enhance its capacity of in-depth involvement in "global governance".

Enhancement of the involvement capacity in global governance is conducive to China's own development. The global transmission of information, global shift of pressure, and global outspread of competition have formed huge pressure for reform in all countries. Governments must have a wider international perspective in dealing with domestic issues, and the foreign affairs departments must think about and deal with diplomatic issues based on both domestic and overseas overall situations in order to maintain national interests more effectively.

After the international financial and economic crises, China has accelerated the adjustment of economic structure and development pattern, further stimulated domestic demand and reduced dependence on foreign trade, thus greatly enhanced endogenous motivation for economic development. Further strengthened ability of China's economy in resisting international financial and economic crises brings China greater say and influence in global governance.

China's in-depth involvement in "global governance" is conductive to the adjustment of the new international order toward the direction of fairness and reasonableness. Since the international financial crisis, emerging market countries have increasingly become the stabilizer and even the engine for world economy. Neglect of their demands in the discussion of "global governance" or simple distribution of responsibilities according to powers will restrain the effectiveness of "global governance".

In-depth involvement in "global governance" is closely related to China's interests. In recent years, China's involvement in "global governance" is increasingly intensified and more attention is paid to in-depth involvement from the level of system and basic principles.

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