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Yin Zhuo: Japan's 'warning shooting' will become serious escalating action

(China Military Online)

08:05, January 14, 2013

The Japanese newspaper "Sankei Shimbun" reported that seeing China’s marine surveillance aircraft have normalized the cruise over the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese government has begun to discuss countermeasures against China, including the firing of flame tracer as warning by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force. In this regard, Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, renowned military expert and director of the Advisory Committee for Informationization under the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), expressed that if Japan conduct the "warning shooting" at China's official cruising aircraft, it will become a serious escalating action.

In speaking of whether the firing of flame tracer as "warning shooting" by Japan at the official cruising aircraft of China will lead to military conflict, Yin Zhuo expressed that firing "warning shooting" is a measure of using live ammunition, because the so-called flame tracer is a type of live ammunition. If Japan uses live ammunition to warn against China's official aircraft, it will be a serious escalating action.

"Of course, this is different from the live-ammunition attack in a real battle situation," said Yin Zhuo. "However, if Japan does fire flame tracer as 'warning shooting', what will be the follow-up action? The decision-making right is not given to the pilot. Instead, the pilot has to request for further instruction from the higher authorities about whether to shoot down Chinese aircraft. If they dare to use the shoot-down approach, then a military conflict will occur between the two sides. China will definitely retaliate by using live ammunition against Japanese fighters."

According to Yin Zhuo, Japan has not dared so far to take this step which is not far from a conflict. If Shinzo Abe really takes such a measure, he will have to bear the historical responsibility.

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