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“Sunshine Project” Opens A Microblogging Platform Where Volunteers and Detoxificatees Express Their Emotions Actively

(People's Daily Online)

17:27, January 05, 2013

On June 21, 2012, “Sunshine Project – Guizhou Anti-drug Microblogging Platform” was launched on People’s Microblog and registered in the real names of the “Sunshine Office” (3219 fans); Zhao Xiang, director of Guizhou Narcotics Control Office and deputy head of Guizhou Public Security Department (7812 fans, 41 microblogs, 120 messages, 90 comments, 15 replies); Wen Faxiang, deputy director of Guizhou Province Narcotics Control Office and deputy head of Guizhou Public Security Department and chief general of anti-drug corps, Guizhou Department OF Public Security (832 fans); Wang Xiaodong, political commissar of anti-drug corps (819 fans); Xie Guiying head of Operational Guidance Office (886 fans, 38 microblogs, 21 messages, 60 comments, 27 replies), etc. So far, totally 44 people have registered accounts on this platform, receiving over 5,000 comments and tens of thousands of visitors and followers.

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