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Effect of Media Communication on "Sunshine Project"-- Several opinions on positive interaction between the anti-drug task and the media

(People's Daily Online)

16:45, January 05, 2013

By Zhang Yuguang, China Public Daily

Guizhou's "Sunshine Project" has provided thousands of rehabilitated drug users with a physical and spiritual home serving for both job offers and living status, resumed their sense of belonging after their loss of bearings for a long time, and embraced one after another displaced souls. So there is no doubt in its orientation of practice.

Guizhou has attached greater importance to innovating social administrative means from aspects of government duties, policy support, tax concessions, varied trials and involvement of civil strengths in promoting the implementation of the "Sunshine Project" in a larger scale and long-acting manner. The systematicness of such actions is exemplary.

Amid the worsening global narcotics control situations and in the times of omnimedia where channels like the Internet become basic social communication means, what is the value of the social spread of the "Sunshine Project"? How could a long-term positive interaction be reached between the anti-drug task and the media?

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