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Zunyi City: Revolutionary Site, Warm Sunshine

(People's Daily Online)

20:18, January 04, 2013

Zunyi City is located in the northern part of Guizhou Province. The city governs 2 Districts, 2 Cities, and 10 Counties, as well as a “Xinpu New Area” and has a total land area of 30,762 square kilometers, a population of 7.52 million, and central constructed urban area of 60 square kilometers. In January 1935, the CPC Central Committee held the “Zunyi Meeting”, which was with great historical significance. Zunyi City is among the first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council. It has consecutively won 11 national level city brands including China Habitat Environment Prize, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, National Sanitary City, etc.

Historically, Zunyi used to be severely stricken by drugs and accommodates a large drug addict population, just as the other places throughout Guizhou. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the People's Government stringently carried out drug prevention, and completely banned drugs. However, since the end of the 1980s, with the accelerated process of reform and opening up, and influenced by international and domestic drug situation, the drug problem in the city has revived and the number of drug users increased on a yearly basis, from the initially identified dozens of people, to hundreds of people, and finally up to more than 14,000 people today. The drug situation is increasingly severe. Under the leadership of the Party Committees and governments, the Narcotics Control departments at all levels in Zunyi City carried out resolute struggles against drug-related crimes, strengthened community-based anti-drug work, extended anti-drug education, intensified the social administration on drug prevention, educated and rescued a large number of drug addicts and related law offenders.

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