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Zunyi City: Revolutionary Site, Warm Sunshine (5)

(People's Daily Online)

20:01, January 06, 2013

Optimize the “Sunshine Project” mode in combination with the local actuality

Zunyi City seriously studied the drug situation of the local area and adopted measures suitable to the local actuality in the anti-drug works through the utilization of a variety of social resources aiming at job placement and self-reliance of the addicts, and helped the community-based rehab patients solve the difficulties in production and in life, get rid of drug addiction, lead a normal life, and return to the society.
In respect of the concrete work, various counties, districts (cities) in Zunyi City carried out serious researches and selected local enterprises with a sense of social responsibility and projects with sustainable development potential to jointly build the “Sunshine Project” without pursuing for hasty achievements but promote the construction of the project in a steady way.

Features: “Fenggang Mode” and support for self-employment

With the work ideas of “assistance for employment, encouragement for confidence, enhancement of education, and promotion of harmony”, Fenggang County relies on the Chamber of Commerce and established the Fenggang Sunshine Employment Aid Center with the member enterprises of the Chamber as placement bases, to help solve the employment problem of the drug rehab patients and the released prisoners; in counties with relatively less drug addicts, the scattered placement mode of the “Sunshine Project” is established. The Provincial Narcotics Control Commission spoke highly of the “Fenggang Mode”. Currently, this mode is promoted in all five drug-free counties throughout Zunyi City. Other counties, districts (cities) with relatively more serious drug conditions are also encouraged to adopt this mode as a supplementary approach.

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