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Zunyi City: Revolutionary Site, Warm Sunshine (3)

(People's Daily Online)

20:01, January 06, 2013

Consolidate the foundation of the “Sunshine Project” through widespread publicity and deepened understanding
Drug addicts are a special group. They are law offenders but victims of drug and special patients as well; in mainstream society, they are the discriminated group; in terms of normal life and employment, they are the “vulnerable group”, the conditions of which involve the happiness of many families and the harmony and stability of the society.

Regarding the publicity work of the “Sunshine Project” as an important part of the anti-drug publicity and education tasks, all levels of anti-drug departments and subordinate departments of the Narcotics Control Commission fully performed their functions, effectively strengthened co-ordination, and promoted the formation of a virtuous mechanism for the construction, publicity, and education work of the “Sunshine Project” to ensure proper deployment during commencement, following up during the process, and responsibilities for the outcome. The city fully mobilizes social resources, calls to action the broad masses, especially the enthusiasm of the neighborhoods, communities, villages, towns, and other grass-root organizations, gives full play to the role of young volunteers and community organizations, combines with the “enter organs , enter communities , enter families, enter schools, enter enterprises, enter rural areas” activities, and the “June 26” Anti-Drug day series publicity work, strives to enhance the awareness of the “Sunshine Project”, vigorously publicizes the outstanding enterprises, excellent entrepreneurs, and typical drug rehabilitation persons, and has formed an composite force of education and publicity. Through extensive publicity, a work mechanism for the construction of the “Sunshine Project” was formed throughout the city under the uniform guidance of the government, the orderly coordination of the anti-drug departments, responsibilities assumed by relevant departments, and active participation by the entire society, laying a solid social foundation for the construction of the “Sunshine Project”.

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