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Zunyi City: Revolutionary Site, Warm Sunshine (6)

(People's Daily Online)

20:01, January 06, 2013

Suiyang County and Zheng’an County actively encourages rural community-based drug rehab patients to start their own businesses and carried out the activity with the theme “the salvation of every addict means the salvation of a family; the employment of every one more addict means one more social harmony factor”. Under the support of the Public Security Bureau, the Narcotics Control Commission, and the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Zheng’an County and the People's Government of Xinzhou Town, Lou Xu, a community-based drug rehab patient who formerly pastured cattle in the rural areas as a way of drug rehabilitation, now contracts more than 1,000mu of barren hills and 100mu of arable land to feed 37 heads of cattle and more than 140 sheep (which became known as the “Sunshine Farm”). With the support of various government bodies in Suiyang County, the community-based drug rehab patient Zhao Dekai contracted arable land and created the plantation cooperatives.
Currently, the construction of the “Sunshine Project” is actively promoted throughout the county in multiple approaches including concentrated placement, scattered placement, and self-employment to create conditions for more people in the special group to return to society.

Focus the long-term, cooperative, and win-win development of the “Sunshine Project”

For the “Sunshine Project”, social benefits would be out of the question without economic benefit, just as the saying goes “with the skin gone, what can the hair adhere to.” Under the premise to ensure the timely completion of tasks, Zunyi City always insists on carrying out the “Sunshine Project” as a project for the people’s livelihood, a project in conformity with the people’s mind, and a project of harmony instead of merely pursuing political performance or the completion of tasks. Various districts (cities) are required to seek long-term development on four conditions: the selected projects must have good economic efficiency; the product must have market potential; the partner must have a sense of social responsibility; and the cooperative enterprise and project must have the capacity of sustainable development. These are to ensure every “Sunshine enterprise” established can have its social benefits. At the same time, three principles must be adhered to in the cooperation with enterprises and entrepreneurs. First, the two sides must sign corresponding agreement to define their respective responsibilities and obligations. Second, the relevant management system must be developed for the management of affairs and staff. The employees, the various aspects of production and sales must be managed in accordance with the systems assisted by the supervision of the government (the office of the Narcotics Control Commission) to combat drug-related crimes and maintain normal production and living order. Third, related matters must be handled on the basis of mutual consultation. The two sides should solve the problems encountered during the running and development of the enterprise with an attitude of cooperation and mutual consultation. The government and related departments will assist in solving the problems and difficulties under the premise of conformity with the law and policies. In this regard, all departments of the city have done a lot of work. Some helped in solving marketing problems; others helped in solving water and electricity supply problems; and still others helped in solving buildings and land problems. Through the joint effort of the both parties, the construction of the “Sunshine Project” steadily advanced and achieved win-win effect and economic and social benefits.

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