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Such 'evasion' is a shame of education

(People's Daily Online)

07:54, January 15, 2013

The son of Ms. Mai was not allowed to attend physical education (PE) just because he is overweight and cannot run fast when the superior authority came to the school for inspection.

Is being fat the fault of him? Does being fat disgrace the school? Should he avoid the inspection of superior leaders?

Allowing overweight students to attend PE class will not have any negative effect for the inspection in school, and all the students have the right to attend PE.

How can students grow in a healthy environment if teachers discriminate them? The teachers should stand in the children's point of view to help them establish self-confidence, find their advantages, make them feel being respected and recognized and fix the psychological damage they suffered.

The school did not let poor students to attend the open class and even taught students to lie, so that it can give the superior department a satisfactory inspection. It makes people feel sad and disgusted that the school attached so much attention to the inspection of superior department that it hurt the pride of students.

There is no room for any falseness in education, and teachers should not practice fraud and discriminate students. They should treat every student sincerely and use love to educate them and protect their self-esteem.

For a teacher, there is nothing more important than protecting the self-esteem of students and giving them a sound growth environment. How can they abandon the dignity and sacrifice the self-esteem of students just for the inspection of superior department?

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