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17:56, January 06, 2013

Li Zhanshu, director of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, and then secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee
In drug control work, efforts should be made to vigorously promote the experience obtained in the promotion of the four-in-one “Sunshine Project” for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery in Yunyan, Qingzhen, Dujun, and other places.

Zhao Kezhi, secretary of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC

Guizhou is one of the places seriously harmed by drugs, with a large number of drug addicts and prominent problem of outflowing drug trafficking. That drug addicts have no work and nothing to do may result in many problems. Solving these problems depends on the leadership of the Party Committee, the attention of the government, and the joint efforts and management of all sectors of the society. Guizhou plans to spend several years completely dealing with such problems, to vigorously promote the “Sunshine Project” and take multiple measures to help provide employment for drug addicts in the society in all possible means.

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