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Thankful words given by rehabilitated entrepreneurs to “Sunshine Project”

(People's Daily Online)

17:50, January 06, 2013

Xu Xinlong: to save the drug users have been fighting against the addiction like I ever do

(As a native of Bijiang District, Tongren City, he started to take drugs in 1995, and he was arrested by the public security department in 1997. From 1998 to 2000, he receive reeducation at Zhongba Farm of Guiyang City through labor; and from 2000 to 2002, he fought against the addiction, and meanwhile, he began to do some small businesses, like selling fried bread sticks and cigarettes. He started to work in Tongren Tobacco Company in 2002; and he began to engage in greenhouse watermelon cultivation in Bahuang Town, Tongren City in 2006 after resigning from the tobacco company; he embarked on hotel business in 2008 by establishing Yifan Guesthouse, Yuxin Hotel, 7+1 Hotel, and Tongren Shijia Business Hotel. While doing his business, Xu Xinlong actively provide job placement for rehabilitated drug users. In 2011, Xu Xinlong established “Sunshine Liangjie Laundry Service Co., Ltd.” in Tongren City. Up to August 2012, he has accepted more than 20 rehabilitated drug users to work in his company.)

Thankful words

The “Sunshine Project” is a Loving Care Project given by the government to vulnerable groups with drug taking experiences like me. It not only provides us with the precious opportunity to achieve social inclusion, but more importantly, we are able to get sustainable and stable income. Today, I felt honored to become a member of the “Sunshine Project”, and have the opportunity to reward the society and help those struggling against drug addiction. I would like to help more patients in the community-based treatment and rehabilitation centers out with my own experiences. Through the “Sunshine Project”, they may achieve social inclusion, win recognition from their family members, set new goals for life, and reduce the number of breaking families due to drugs.

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