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Xi stresses achieving moderately prosperous society in all respects
Xi called for consolidating achievements in poverty alleviation, and then focusing on rural vitalization to ensure a better life for rural residents.
Seventh question to American politicians: Aren't you ashamed to be the virus’ accomplice?
The pandemic has revealed the ugly side of some American politicians who are trying to connect a public health emergency with politics.
U.S. death toll "almost certainly" higher than reported, says Fauci
If there is not an "adequate" response by the United States in the fall, more infections and deaths are on the horizon, he said.
China, West Asia, North Africa stick together, strengthen friendship amid pandemic
Under these circumstances, countries in West Asia and North Africa have voiced support for the truth, defended China and upheld justice.
TCM helps fight COVID-19 around the globe with eastern wisdom
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has won more and more recognition around the world for its important role in treating the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
China-Africa relationship strengthened, great potential for economic and trade cooperation
Despite the hardships during the fight against COVID-19, the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation remained stable as a whole.
Small shops back in business in China as COVID-19 pandemic wanes
China has introduced policies granting a three-month rental exemption to small and micro businesses and individually–owned businesses that have rented state-owned property.

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