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Chronicle of Events in Drug Control in Guizhou (After the People’s Republic of China was founded)

(People's Daily Online)

17:40, January 13, 2013

January 26 The People’s Government of Guizhou ordered to prohibit opium.
August 25 The People’s Government of Guizhou released the Measures for the Implementation of Opium Prohibition.

September 8 The People’s Government of Guizhou released a notice to strictly control opium trafficking and prohibit opium planting and abusing.

September 14 Guiyang Opium and Drug Control Commission held a 10-thousand people’s meeting, and burned opium worth 32,000 tael and a batch of smoking sets in public in Hebin Park.

October 27 The People’s Government of Guizhou released the Order on Prohibiting Opium Planting, Abusing and Transporting, demanding the whole province to continuously carry out opium and drug control, and emphasized to eliminate poppy planting in winter of the year.

January 3 Xinqian Daily published the Interim Regulations on Opium and Drug Elimination and Punishment in Southwest Region released by the Southwest Military and Administrative Commission.

January 11 The People’s Government of Guizhou established the Opium and Drug Control Commission.

July 27 Guiyang burned opium worth 34,681 tael and a batch of smoking sets in public in Hebin Park.

September 10 Xinqian Daily published the Overview of Opium Rehabilitation Work Experience, introducing the successful experience achieved in the four opium rehabilitation centers in the 2nd District, Dongshan Opium Rehabilitation in the 7th District, and Touqiao Opium Rehabilitation Center in the 6th District of Guiyang under the leadership and organization of the public security authorities.

June 29 Guizhou Provincial Party Committee issued instructions on drug control, and asked the People’s Governments at all levels in the province, cities, and counties to establish opium control offices and carry out opium control work with public security authorities as main body and under the unified leadership of the Party committee.

June 26 Guizhou Provincial Party Committee approved the Opinions on Carefully Prohibiting Opium and Drug Hazards proposed by the Party Leadership Committee of Guizhou Public Security Department.

January 8 At the provincial security meeting, specific requirements on drug control were put forward. Guizhou Public Security Department mapped out unified standards on the registration and records of drug-related cases.

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