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China reaffirms commitment to green development
Xi has always attached great importance to the protection and improvement of the country's water system as well as the balance between economic development and ecological protection.
Ministry opposes US curbs on investment
Setting obstacles for investors in the United States to enter the Chinese market in the name of so-called national security, or even politicizing their normal investment activities will only harm their own interests.
Chinese researchers grow vegetables, forge friendship with foreign counterparts in Antarctica
“We don’t separate work from duty, and don’t think about nationality and race during rescue.”
"It's a right decision to stay in Wuhan" - foreign students in China talk about their experience during COVID-19
They chose to stay by the side of the Chinese people, instilling confidence in Wuhan, Hubei and China.
One World One Family: renowned Chinese musician reproduces charity song to inspire the world amid pandemic
Guo Feng achieved fame in 1986 with his song, “Let the World be Filled with Love”.
China's electronic information industry sees robust growth despite COVID-19
China's electronic information industry saw robust growth in the first quarter despite the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on industries.
Qamdo city of SW China’s Tibet alleviates poverty through grape cultivation and wine industry
So far there are five grape production and processing enterprises in Qamdo, helping increase the income of more than 400 poor local people at a steady rate.

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