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Xi endorses workers driving China's new growth
China is getting the world's largest workforce back to work as the nationwide battle against COVID-19 has secured major strategic achievements.
10 questions on COVID-19 that must be answered by U.S. politicians
U.S. politicians must respond to the international concerns, and more importantly, tell the truth to its citizens.
COVID-19-related stigmatization a dangerous “political virus”
What lies behind the stigmatizing tricks is vicious political manipulation, and this is conspicuous for both the U.S. and the international community.
Pompeo’s game of scapegoating impedes global anti-pandemic cooperation
Instead of upholding the sense of responsibility as a professional diplomat, Pompeo spread political rumors, nothing short of the accomplice of the virus.
US politicians must learn the basics of coronavirus
Some US politicians continue to make groundless and irresponsible remarks about the virus that lack basic common sense, showing an urgent need to learn the basics of the coronavirus.
Fighting on the frontline: COVID-19 pandemic promote robotics industry in China
Robots have won newfound praise in the battle against the deadly COVID-19 as efficient and contagion-proof war heroes..
Chinese figures can be trusted, study finds
A fraud detection law can reject the claim that China's COVID-19 data has been manipulated, a study has found.

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