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Working hard to bring happiness to the Chinese people and promote progress of all mankind
“The Communist Party of China (CPC)”, proclaimed General Secretary Xi Jinping, “strives for both the wellbeing of the Chinese people and human progress”.
China int'l services trade fair opens
Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng declared the opening of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing on Friday.
Adhering to multilateralism, China-EU relations restart in the post-pandemic era
Both China and the EU are clearly opposed to “decoupling”, as it will drag the world economy into a deeper recession.
China urges U.S. to immediately withdraw restrictions on Chinese diplomats
China has always provided facilitation for U.S. diplomatic and consular personnel to perform their duties in China according to laws and regulations.
Taiwan is a litmus test of partnership with China
The island of Taiwan has historically been an inalienable part of China. Throughout recorded history, Taiwan has never been a sovereign state.
New lifestyle expectations see small home appliances boom in China
China’s booming market has led to the emergence of more and more small household products, and countless new mini household products have sprung up in recent years.
“When Koala Meets Panda” 2020 China-Australia Short Video Contest Kicks Off
The contest has been held continuously for four years, aiming to deepen the mutual understanding and build the relationship between China and Australia youth.

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