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Xi: Nation cannot afford complacency
Xi said huge uncertainties still linger over the pandemic, given that the momentum of its global spread has yet to be curbed and the country is still seeing infections among clusters of people in certain areas.
Putting the blame on others is bald-faced political blackmail
While the COVID-19 pandemic has gone rampant around the world, certain American politicians played the trick of “political blackmail”.
Chinese mainland ranks first in COVID-19 performance index: survey
This is assessed across all four indicators of national political leadership, corporate leadership, community, and media.
Yale epidemiologist says U.S. response to coronavirus "close to genocide by default"
"This is getting awfully close to genocide by default. What else do you call mass death by public policy?"
Chinese scientists release world’s first animal trials report of COVID-19 vaccine candidate, showing positive results
One of China's COVID-19 vaccine candidates has proven effective in protecting monkeys from the COVID-19.
China's experimental new-generation manned spaceship works normally in orbit
It is now in a stable flight attitude in a highly elliptical orbit, with the power supply, measurements and control links normal, said the CASC.
China rolls out practical measures to guarantee employment
The country has intensified its efforts to guarantee employment for people across the country.

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