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"Sunshine Project" ---A way of solving problems in drug control (20)

(People's Daily Online)

15:51, January 07, 2013

(3) Produce sound social responses. Firstly, many news media reported the project. According to statistics, since the promotion of the “Sunshine Project,” many large media covered the project in more than 1,000 articles. On the occasion of the “6.26 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking” in 2012, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, CCTV News Channel,, Legal Daily, Guangming Daily, China Police Daily, China Daily, NetEase, Sohu, and Baidu, and many provincial media in Guizhou including Guizhou Daily, Guizhou TV, and the Legal and Life Daily covered the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” in Guizhou. In May 2012 in particular, People’s Daily and organized a large number of reports to conduct in-depth interviews in Guizhou. During the 6.26 activity in 2012, a special report entitled Sunshine Lights up the Return Road was introduced on, pushing the publicity on the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” into a new high, attracting more than 5,000 netizens’ comments and wide praises, and producing significant influences; secondly, the project drew wide attention from domestic experts and scholars. Many experts from the Tsinghua University, Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, and many academic research institutions including universities, social R&D groups, and academic groups conducted in-depth investigation and research on the development of the “Sunshine Project.” On September 1, 2012, Guizhou Drug Control Commission, Tsinghua University,, Guizhou Law Association, and Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences jointly held a meeting on the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery in Guizhou, themed at the coordination and management for drug addicts after returning to the society. A total of more than 140 experts, scholars, reporters, and leaders from the units such as the Office of the National Drug Control Commission, the Drug Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, China University of Political Science and Law, Chinese People's People's Public Security University, China Criminal Police College, and Southwest University of Political Science and Law, as well as the news medias such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency,, CCTV, Legal Daily, China Police Daily, Phoenix TV, Hong Kong STV, Hong Kong Wenhui, and Hong Kong Sing Pao; thirdly, cause responses inside and outside Guizhou. By Augusta 31, 2012, 42 batches of personnel from 18 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) visited Guizhou to investigate and guide the “Sunshine Project;” fourthly, cause responses internationally. The experience in the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” has been translated into many languages including English, French, and Spanish, and published on many newspapers including China Daily and China Today. The drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel in the US and France even sent letters after learning about the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” from the foreign editions of China Daily, China Today, and other publications, giving high praise to the “Sunshine Project.” The UK Economist reported the experience in the promotion of the “Sunshine Project” in an article entitled Rehabilitating Drug Users: Kicking the Habit.

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