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Online turnover surpasses 1 trillion yuan in 2012

(People's Daily Online)

08:42, January 17, 2013

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Edited and translated by Liang Jun and Ma Xi, People's Daily Online
China’s online shopping surged sharply in 2012, with 242 million network shopping users and an increase of 43 percent in the online shopping usage rate. Turnover of and, China’s two major online shopping platforms, has surpassed 1 trillion yuan last year.

Alipay released the annual account statement including 800 million online shopping users in China on Jan.15, which was seen as an annual review of people’s consumption and living on the Internet. Jing Xiandong, the chief financial officer of the Alipay, said the account statement of Alipay is also a direct barometer of online economy development.

Last year, Zhejiang is with strongest purchasing power in online shopping, but the turnover of lower-tier cities had surpassed biggest cities.

During the online shopping boom in China last year, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai economic zone and eastern provinces or cities like Beijing, Guangdong remained the main force of online shopping.

Alipay data show that the total expenditure amount of online shoppers in Zhejiang province increased rapidly in 2012, accounting for almost 14.9 percent of the total volume nationwide. As opposed to 14.1 percent in Guangdong province, Zhangjiang was named the largest online consumption province in China, followed by Guangdong province, Shanghai, Beijing and Jiangsu province.
Online payment users in fourth-tier cities increased 64 percent in 2012, with an increase of 68 percent of payment amount, surpassing the first- and secondary-tier cities.

From the viewpoint of individual payment, consumers in Taiwan’s Jiayi spent the most money online, with an amount of 69,743 yuan per capita expenditure.
Alipay trade sharply rose in small cities last year, and Tibet and Qinghai experienced a rapid turnover growth.

The quickest growth of Alipay trade took place in Gonjo county in Tibet with an increase rate of 312 percent, and the growth of transaction amount broke through 718 percent.

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