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Chinese soldiers should be ready for battle

By Meng Yan (China Military Online)

08:44, January 17, 2013

National interests are always the focus of the soldier's attention. To safeguard national interests is always the power source to motivate soldiers. The mission of the military should expand to the place where the national interests extend to. With the expansion of China's national interests, the battlefield for soldiers has become more and more diversified. The soldier's vision should be broaden and cast onto the deep blue ocean, the vast aero space, and the virtual networks.

It is for this reason that Chinese soldiers should get ready for battle and should not be fooled by such clamored idea as the "China threat theory". At this moment, there are always some public opinions from overseas wantonly accusing China's military development with such excuses as "causing military imbalance in the region", "causing arms race in the Asia-Pacific region", and the like. Nevertheless, we should keep a clear mind, because all the suffering and humiliation that China has sustained in modern history tell us the truth that: "Rich country with no strong military forces is doomed to nothing". It is quite normal for the national defense construction to be criticized by outside world. It is never a smooth process for a country to develop the national defense.

We express great concern over the security of our maritime space, aero space, and cyberspace on our way towards a prosperous country with powerful military force. Despite of all these, we are by no means a belligerent country with the ambition to dominate the world. Instead, we are a nation riding on the tide of peace on a sail of development towards the promotion of the collective development of the whole world.

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