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'Scholar' set to take reins of command

(China Daily)

08:31, November 01, 2011

Chu Kewei, a Tsinghua University graduate turned commander, takes part in military training with other soldiers in this file photo. [Photo by Dai Danhua / for China Daily]

MIANCHI, Henan - Chu Kewei's fellow soldiers weren't expecting much when they learned the next recruit was a university grad.

"When I heard that a Tsinghua graduate joined our company, I said to my colleagues that he'll just be a scholarly officer," said Lu Zhifang, a veteran of the Red First Company.

"He might be good at writing articles and making speeches, but he would definitely be weak in military exercises."

The veteran Lu, who was to share his room with the newcomer, changed his mind when Chu took off his T-shirt.

"The Tsinghua graduate is not a sissy, but a muscle man with washboard abs," Lu said.

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