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Beidou: 'Booster' of weaponry

(People's Daily Online)

09:08, January 16, 2013

Gao Guangwei, Senior Engineer of China Satellite Navigation Office (Photo/People's Daily Online)

Key Words: Beidou; weaponry; satellite navigation; GPS

Satellite navigation experts on China's homegrown Beidou system:

• Beidou provides with positioning accuracy of 10 meters
• Beidou: The more widely used, the cheap
• China-created chip module will adapt to the mobile Internet
• China supports homegrown Beidou to remove GPS dependence

China's own navigation system – the Beidou satellite navigation has recently been officially delivered. In addition to civilian usage, how can it help in military when the aerial combat is becoming the future trend? Gao Weiguang, expert in China Satellite Navigation Office, shared his views during an interview with People's Daily Online Tuesday.

"As we all know, any satellite navigation system is used for both civil and military purposes," Gao said, citing an examples of a U.S. assessment, "The U.S. government website has published an efficiency assessment of GPS on weapon equipment after the Iraq War, demonstrating that GPS is the weaponry 'enhancer' , which enhances the power of weapons by more than 100 times."

China develops Beidou mainly to satisfy its strategic needs of satellite navigation, to realize the economic benefits in its satellite navigation industry, and to accelerate the country's informatization as well as economy developments. The Beidou system will play an important role in various fields.

Read the Chinese version: 美称GPS是武器“倍增器” 北斗专家解读导航军用, source: People's Daily Online, author: Wang Hongli

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