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Beidou: The more widely used, the cheap

(People's Daily Online)

08:49, January 16, 2013

Wu Hailing, Senior Engineer of China Satellite Navigation Office (Photo/People's Daily Online)

Satellite navigation experts on China’s homegrown Beidou system:

• Beidou provides with positioning accuracy of 10 meters
• •China supports homegrown Beidou to remove GPS dependence
• China-created chip module will adapt to the mobile Internet
• Beidou: 'Booster' of weaponry

According to a press conference held Tuesday, Beidou Navigation Satellite System will offer better but affordable service.

How can it be less costly but with better quality? Wu Hailing, senior engineer of China Satellite Navigation Office told People’s Daily Online, “There is only one way – the more frequently used, the cheaper it gets.”

Common people care about two things: quality and price. Wu said that the Beidou system itself is open and free for the public. Low price means that it is much cheaper than the existing navigation system.

How can better quality and low price be achieved? Wu replied that the extensive use will be the only solution.

GPS sold for 10,000 U.S. dollars in the 1990s when it first came to the market. But 20 years later the price is only several hundreds. Through wider use, including innovative application model and business model, the price of navigation system will get lower and lower. China, due to the large population, is sure to have a more affordable Beidou.

Wu added that it will not take 20 years to lower the price of Beidou, and the initial price will not be as high as GPS. With the favorable policy from the government and through the joint effort of the industry, all the Beidou products, including chip, module, terminal and the value added service will cost less but with higher quality.

Read the Chinese version: 北斗如何物美价廉?吴海玲:用的人越多越便宜

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