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"Sunshine Project" ---A way of solving problems in drug control (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:51, January 07, 2013

2. “Sunshine Project” ---A correct choice for drug control
For a long time, we have got some wrong ideas in drug control: prioritizing crackdown and punishment and neglecting prevention and education (rescue); prioritizing compulsory detoxification and neglecting recovery and treatment; prioritizing physiological detoxification and neglecting psychological treatment; prioritizing workplace management and neglecting return and placement; and prioritizing management and control and neglecting services and rescue.

Under the guidance of such a concept for drug control, the problems cannot be solved at the root, which will often lead to a a vicious circle featuring drug abuse→compulsory detoxification→relapse→compulsory re-detoxification→relapse again.

To break such a circle and solve this problem, we carefully summarize and learn from historical and practical experience and lessons, adhere to the rules and characteristics for drug control, renew ideas, adjust thoughts, and innovate ways.

Firstly, regard “drug abuse prohibition” as the “priority” of drug control, and try the best to reduce the “increase” of drug addicts. The implementation of “four prohibitions” is the basic principle for drug control, and adheres to the drug situation of our country and the comprehensive and balanced international drug control strategy. Drug abusing, trafficking, planting, and producing are related to and stimulate each other, and are interact as both cause and effect; as currently the illegal crimes of drug abusing, trafficking, planting and producing in our country exist at the same time, reducing drug supplies and reducing drug demand are of equal importance. Adhering to the implementation of “four prohibitions” just aims to reduce both drug supplies and drug demand. However, the “four prohibitions” should not be implemented as as whole, but separately. During the actual work, I believe that “drug abuse prohibition” is the most important among the “four exhibitions,” as drug abuse not only causes serious damages to the physical and mental health of drug abusers, but also endangers the survival of mankind, triggering various kings of illegal crimes and jeopardizing social security and stability. Moreover, as long as there are drug abusers, the drug consumption market will be consolidated and expanded (for every buy, there will be sales on the market), so as to stimulate the sales, trafficking, production, and planation of drugs; without drug abusers, the drug market will shrink, the drug supplies of and demand for drugs will reduce, and drug sales, trafficking, production, and planation will therefore disappear. For this reason, I believe “drug abuse” is the source, and emphasizing “drug abuse prohibition” means grasping the source of drug control.

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