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"Sunshine Project" ---A way of solving problems in drug control (8)

(People's Daily Online)

15:51, January 07, 2013

(2) Exploration and creation stage

On March 1, 2011, the “Sunshine Employment Aid Center” was established in Fengguang County, Zunyi;

On March 17, 2011, the “Yunyan Sunshine Electronics Processing Factory” specially built for the placement of drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel was established in Yunyan, Guiyang, providing jobs for 56 people;

In May 2011, the “Sunshine Home” was built in Qingzhen, Guiyang, providing jobs for 45 people;

In July 2011, the second phase of the expansion project of the Dujun “Loving Care Basement Factory” started, and the factory was renamed as the “Sunshine Product Processing Factory.”
These are the first batch of enterprises named with “sunshine” and built for the collective placement of drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel. At that time, more than 160 drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel were provided with jobs.

(3) Vigorous promotion stage

Between June 14 and 16, 2011, Meng Jianzhu, director of the National Drug Control Commission, and minister of the Public Security, visited Guizhou and investigated the public security work. On June 14, Meng Jianzhu specially visited the “Sunshine Electronics Processing Factory” in Yunyan District, Guiyang. At the factory, Meng Jianzhu visited many workshops, talked with a number of employees (drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel), attended a symposium, and listened to the report on the development of the community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery “Sunshine Project” in Guizhou. He fully affirmed Guizhou’s approach of innovating drug rehabilitation and recovery with job placement as the core. He also personally summarized the “four-in-one” work mode, pointing out: “The ‘trinity’ drug rehabilitation and recovery mode, and Guizhou's job placement measure constitute a "four-in-one" working mode to save drug addicts through rehabilitation and recovery. The ‘Sunshine Production Base’ is a very good measure, which provides a platform for drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel to retrieve themselves, self esteem and confidence, eliminates the society's discrimination against them, reflects their values, and enhances their confidence and self-esteem, so as to better promote them to return to the society. This is an exploration about social management and innovation, and should be carefully summarized and promoted nationwide.”

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