Ending Poverty in China
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Chinese president's "cloud diplomacy" in new year
Against the backdrop of growing risks and uncertainties, Chinese President Xi Jinping has offered China's solutions to those daunting challenges.
Report: Xinjiang textile workers' rights protected
As China's top cotton growing region, Xinjiang has boosted its labor-intensive textile industry since 2014 to create more job opportunities for local people.
China unveils action plan on building high-standard market system
The plan put more emphasis on the completeness of market institutions, fair competition and the role of government in maintaining market order and countering market failures.
China willing to share nuclear technology for peaceful use: expert
Nuclear power is considered a clean energy source, promoted for global low-carbon development.
China hopes all sides in Myanmar properly manage differences
Myanmar's military has declared a state of emergency in the country for one year after carrying out detentions of senior government leaders.
Multilateralism to pave way for WTO reform, restoring dispute settlements
China's latest move to highlight multilateralism will pave the way for the reform of the World Trade Organization, restoring the functioning of its dispute settlement mechanism.
US, China can find cause for cooperation on global health: SCMP
Beijing and Washington should work together to improve their respective public health situations and make it easier for institutions such as the WHO to address the world's health challenges.

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