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Xi says China, Switzerland cultivate co-op spirit of equality, innovation and win-win
Xi said the two sides have also set an example of friendly cooperation between countries that are different in social systems, development stages and sizes.
Logistics system upgrade to help boost quality growth
Modern and efficient logistics system will help provide strong market dynamism for balancing supply and demand, industrial upgrading, improving economic efficiency and fostering high-quality development.
'Made in Wuhan' goes into full swing post pandemic
More than 100,000 mobile phones are produced in the factory every day, and then shipped all over the country and the world from Wuhan - the city that emerged from a 76-day lockdown during the COVID-19 epidemic
China firmly opposes U.S. report on Chinese military
The report deliberately distorted relations between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese military, misinterpreted China’s national defense policy and military strategies.
Commentary: Hyping Mekong water resources issue a political farce
Experts have found that since China's cascade reservoirs were put into use, dry-season flows in relevant sections have increased by 20 percent compared to past natural levels.
China-Europe cargo trains drive Belt and Road cooperation
As the coronavirus pandemic severely hits international transport, the China-Europe freight trains play a pivotal role in land transport among countries.
China to work with ASEAN members to stabilize S.China Sea
The countries in the region have their own concerns based on their interests, but they all hope the region will remain stable and peaceful.

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