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Xi: Reform key to boosting development
Xi Jinping underlined the importance of promoting deeper-level reform and higher-level opening-up in order to provide a strong boost for the country's establishment of a new development pattern.
China and US: Judge for yourself who is wrong or right
Those who have experienced traveling to China can see how friendly, peaceful and rational the Chinese are. It is easy to judge who is wrong or right.
Where is China-bashing rhetoric in Australia from?
Several Chinese academics are cutting off communications with their Australian counterparts and canceling plans to travel to Australia amid a rise in China-bashing rhetoric in the country.
Chinese embassy urges India to immediately withdraw troops illegally trespassing border area
China has urged the Indian side to restrain its frontline troops and immediately end all provocative actions.
From dust to gold: NE Chinese coal city converts abandoned mine pit into racetrack
The motor racing industry has boosted the economy of the city as well as of surrounding counties, accelerating the development of sectors such as tourism, catering and automobile maintenance.
China's wisdom in fight against COVID-19 pandemic benefits world
The COVID-19 outbreak has been the biggest crisis faced by China and the world in 2020, and it will take great wisdom to overcome the complicated challenges it brings.
China promotes high-quality development of service trade
China will continue to open up its trade in services to the outside world and promote high-quality development of trade in services, despite the challenges brought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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