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People's Daily Online Exclusives

(file photo) China is developing an airborne mobile Wi-Fi hub in near space with solar-powered dro[Read it]
The number of mobile internet users in China has reached 1.17 billion by the end of the first half o[Read it]
US President Donald Trump has reportedly approved a plan to give the US navy more freedom to carry o[Read it]
Outside the temperature is 39 degree Celsius. But four police dogs are on duty sniffing for hidden d[Read it]
A bag containing 150,000 yuan ($22,221) in cash was recently returned to its owner after being disco[Read it]
A female panda named “Er Qiao” gave birth to a healthy male cub on July 22 at the Chengdu Research B[Read it]
BEIJING – President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed gratitude to China for the assistance it extended [Read it]
A U.S. Navy EP-3 spy plane flying over the East China Sea was driven off by armed Chinese J-10 jets [Read it]
China has granted U.S.-developed genetically modified (GM) crops more access to the domestic market [Read it]
Four disabled men in Chongqing’s Dadukou District successfully set up a 3-D printing company, owing [Read it]
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