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Mythology TV series "Mazu" a hit


13:43, January 07, 2013


Mazu is an indigenous goddess of the sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors. There has been a multitude of folk stories about her since the Song Dynasty nearly a thousand years ago. A TV series featuring the legend has become a smash hit in China.

From an ordinary girl from a fisherman’s family to a heavenly goddess. "Mazu"is the first TV series featuring the mythology of the goddess of sea. The cast and crew worked very hard on the project, especially the leading actress.

Actress Liu Tao said, "I’ve been studying the statues of Mazu since I got the role. Everything from the way she holds her weapon, the way she smiles, to the way she looks down upon the people from high above. I tried very hard to portray the beloved goddess genuinely."

There is also a romantic touch in the show. Actor Yan Kuan plays Wu Zonglun, a general who is deeply in love with Mazu.

Actor Yan Kuan said, "It’s love at the first sight. When they first met, Mazu was not yet a goddess. As they gradually get to know each other, General Wu finds out she has a big heart. So he sacrifices a lot for her cause."

Actress Lyu Jingjing said, "In the show, I’m the funny one. There are a lot of hilarious scenes in the show. And also, my role is the best friend of Mazu. I am kind of the matchmaker of the couple."

Born in East China’s Fujian province, Mazu has widely been worshipped in the south-eastern coastal areas of China since the Song Dynasty. Worship of the goddess further spread to neighbouring areas in Southeast Asia in the 19th centuries.

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