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'A Bite of Peking Opera'

(Global Times)

10:27, January 07, 2013

Shi Junling's cartoon characters of Peking Opera (Courtesy of Shi Junling / GT)

Cartoonist serves the grand traditional art on a new stage

When describing Peking Opera, a traditional Chinese opera style with a history of 200 years, you might choose adjectives like elegant and magnificent rather than cute and lovely. But actually, many classical characters in Peking Opera plays have already been turned into cute cartoon characters.

Shi Junling, the woman who overthrows people's impression of the classical art, is a freelance cartoonist from Hebei Province and a fan of Peking Opera. "I simply sketch out what Peking Opera looks like to me," she told the Global Times. "It is cute, lovely and close to ordinary people."

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